Bali – a magical vacation on the island of the gods

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 The unique location of the country where the paint – the bright sun – the warmest and tender , full of strange water marine life and surrounding nature amazingly diverse and beautiful – all this formed not only easy disposition of the islanders and their attitude to life, but also provided the ground for development of rich culture and creating a haven of relaxation . The composition of the archipelago consists of more than 16,500 islands, and one of the most amazing places , definitely worth to spend your vacation , is the island of Bali .
Bali island – not just a resort . This land, fanned many beautiful legends , the land where the sun always shines , and vacation in Bali can be compared with the journey to paradise. Bali is known as the island of the gods, an island of happiness , smiles and dances, as well as the island of a thousand temples . The magnificence of nature , friendliness and cheerfulness of the islanders , infrastructure – all this makes the stay in Bali is truly magical.
Harmony and beauty here is the law. The unique beauty of the landscape is amazing and sets up a special , poetic and sublime style: a combination of mountains and river valleys , lagoons cozy with golden sand and rice terraces, tropical gardens and amazing coral reef fascinates everyone who decided to spend a vacation in Bali . Reflection of the natural harmony of nature can be found in the local philosophy of feng shui , in strict compliance with which to build and equip the island of houses, temples and even hotels .
Leave unforgettable impressions and national traditions . Temples of Bali astonishingly magnificent decoration and numerous – here your own church in every home . Religion Bali is a unique ideological system , which was formed under the influence of Hinduism, Buddhism and ancient pagan beliefs of the Indonesian people . Bali holiday gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient traditions and touch the mysterious culture of the islanders. The islanders live on a special calendar that includes 210 days. No wonder the island of Bali is known as the island of smiles and dancing – in the local calendar many festivals that are closely intertwined with everyday life and make everyday bright and unforgettable .
No matter what type of holiday you prefer, the island of Bali will give you exactly what you need . For connoisseurs of antiquity , history and art – fascinating excursions and various museums , for outdoor enthusiasts – upscale golf courses , horseback riding , scuba diving, surfing and much more . Well, if paradise vacation for you means a serene bliss in the shade of palm trees on the ocean – vacation in Bali is really for you! In addition, the island of Bali is famous for its SPA- centers , where he successfully used a harmonious blend of ancient recipes and modern technologies for rejuvenation and healing the body .
Holidays in Bali – is , among other things , the opportunity to taste the original Indonesian cuisine . Even the most experienced gourmets will appreciate the marvelous combination of spices, seasonings and sauces , a variety of seafood and exotic fruits . Another highlight of Bali – a night markets that open only after sunset. This is where you can try traditional barbecue of fresh fish .
Holidays in Bali certainly remember you forever , and it will be not only pleasant memories . Throughout the world, the Balinese are known as true masters for the production of souvenirs made of wood , leather, precious metals , turtle shells , batik and other fine jewelry imported from Bali , will be a worthy gift for the relatives.
Tours in Bali are very popular among tourists staying at an upscale sophisticated . Clean air, the splendor of nature , hospitality and friendliness of the local population converted to vacation in Bali at the festival, which does not stop even for a moment.

The Amazon River and its wonders

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 Of the many thousands of place names , which we are feeding aggressively on schoolwork , with time most completely evaporate from memory. Of course, if you decide to become a professional geographer and devote his life to solving a crossword puzzle , remember all the names of capitals , the names of rivers and lakes on the planet is not necessary. Still, there are some names that everyone knows , not even very hard working student in the past .
Amazon : new discoveries , new records
Amazon until recently was best known as the deepest river in the world. Indeed, why would it not be overflowing when in the wilds of South American tropical year round almost 100%- humidity and rainy season stretches on for months ? Originating in the snow-capped peaks of the Andes in Peru , the Amazon crosses the continent in its widest part , and flows into the Atlantic Ocean off the Brazilian coast . The volume of fresh water carried by the overflowing river is so large that affect the chemistry of the ocean on a lot of square kilometers of the mouth .

Just a few years ago, thanks to the latest satellite imagery and ground-based studies , it was found that the length of the Amazon and its tributaries along several miles longer than the former leader of the planet – African Nile. And although this fact has not yet become generally accepted , most scholars are inclined to think that Amazon is privileged to be the longest river in the world.
Proud South American beauty, which flows through the most wild and mysterious places in Brazil , Chile and Peru, holds many secrets and mysteries unsolved until now . River- record holder , the keeper of one-fifth of all the fresh water in the world, was the winner , and other interesting categories.

5 wonders of the Amazon
Miracle number one . It is in the Amazon basin in Brazil , is the largest island , washed by fresh water . This Marajó – winner of 40,000 square kilometers and a population of 250,000 . Amazing island , according to historians, was once a hotbed of ancient civilization. It was located at ease the whole state the size of the Netherlands. Today Marajó mainly caters to tourists who come personally acquainted with the wonders of the great Amazon.

Miracle number two. Victoria Regia – one of the most interesting representatives of the plant kingdom. It is the world’s largest water lily , the diameter of the leaves of which reaches 2 meters . Like a huge flat pans for pancakes , leaves of Amazonian Victoria adorn the water. Such a natural platform stands 8 -pound load on its surface without any damage to the plant .

Miracle number three also has a vegetable origin. This is a unique raffia palm – representative of his family with the largest leaves. Height raffia, growing along the banks of the Amazon , only slightly inferior to the standard nine- , and its huge green ” webs ” have a width of 12 meters . Such a leaf that had fallen to the ground , it can serve for a lost tourist in a tent , fully protected from the rain or sun.

The fourth and fifth wonders of the Amazon River are underwater inhabitants . This is the biggest fish that lives in fresh water and the largest freshwater dolphin . Araypamy fish , reaching 3 meters in length and almost half quintals of weight, are found in the Amazon since time immemorial. They used to be even bigger , but poachers have taken care of many of the extermination of these living curiosities , and today they are increasingly rare .
Amazon pink dolphin, which locals call the Boat Harbour, the largest representative of river dolphins . 2.5 meters for the inhabitants of the ocean is not too large, but for the river Boat animal – a real giant. Young Amazonian dolphins have the typical gray- blue color , but with age it is changed to pale pink. So live cheerful pink creature in the waters of the wonderful Amazon – to the delight of locals marvel at rare tourists who wander in these wild region in search of adventure .

Visit Baikal

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 Baikal – one of the most amazing places on the planet. Lake , whose history goes back more than 10 million years (and some scholars are of the opinion that this figure is much higher) , each year attracts people from all over the world. Yes , yes!

The closest town to Lake Baikal – Irkutsk . Baikal – the lake of tectonic origin in the southern part of Eastern Siberia , the deepest lake on the planet , the largest natural reservoir of fresh water.

Visit Baikal in summer choose not only the residents of Russia , but also foreigners .

Lake Baikal , rest on which every year becomes more popular , many people know only from the pages of textbooks , as crystal clear and the deepest lake in the world. This little information can hardly convey the beauty and uniqueness of this place. Baikal – is that really worth seeing .

Visit Baikal , the prices of which are very accessible – a complete range of entertainment to suit all tastes and all ages. Rest Baikal – is a fascinating sightseeing tours, hiking trips , traveling by bicycle , ATV safaris and snowmobile , full of adrenaline rafting , skiing . And if you ever rode on dog sledding ? Tours to Baikal allow you to experience this incredible feeling , as well as many other positive emotions.

Summer vacation on Lake Baikal – the opportunity to experience all the local attractions .

Despite the rich history of this area , the most valuable attractions Baikal gave no history and culture , and nature . What has been here many years ago , and which he , Baikal, you ‘ll be able to find out and see.

Visit Baikal – is an opportunity to see not only the lake itself , but also the surrounding area , which also has a story to tell and show your guests. We advise you to take a trip to the island of Olkhon , see Shaman stone cliffs and the Devil’s finger , the Cape Shaman , Petroglyphs , Mount Erd and many other natural and historical sites, without having to visit that Baikal holiday would not be complete .

Feel the boundless power and beauty of nature that created unique lake , leisure which could be one of the most remarkable episodes of your life. Having been here once , you ‘ll want to come back here again and not alone to share the indescribable emotions with their friends and loved ones.

Start your vacation on Lake Baikal to the choice of its holding. Yes, Baikal holiday – it’s not cheap , but the resulting experience – priceless ! Be sure to read the reminder for tourists, do not forget to take a photo – video equipment and good humor , believe me, the Baikal is something to see !

Select the area for recreation on Lake Baikal :
Summer and winter holidays on Lake Baikal : Hiking , horseback riding , road , combined tours, snowmobiling and dog sledding – generally tours on Lake Baikal for every taste and budget. Choose a winter or summer tour to Lake Baikal and you will be satisfied with not only the beauty of the lake , but the Siberian hospitality .
Cruises on Lake Baikal will open to you all the mysteries of Lake Baikal , will present new experiences distract from everyday worries.

Listvyanka – tourist village , the nearest point on the lake , which can be visited . Listvyanka is a 40-minute drive from the city of Irkutsk on a flat , paved road. Resting on Lake Baikal in Listvyanka not forget to visit the fish and gift markets, and the Baikal Museum and nerpinary .

The Circum-Baikal Railway ( CBRY )
CBRY – this railway, built in the years 1902-1904 , running along the lake. The route of this inexpensive , one-day excursions ( 2700r./chel . For first class ) will be held in a comfortable ” rail ” bus, with stops , walks and interesting stories from the guides .

Small Sea ( Baikal)
Small Sea – are beautiful views of the wild, open Baikal . In the area of small sea there are many camp sites, both near the shore of Lake Baikal, and in the small distance

Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal
On Lake Baikal 22 islands , of which Olkhon – the largest . The island is rich in archaeological sites , according to their number in the 1st quarter . km it has no equal in the whole Baikal region ( 143 known archaeological sites as of 1993 ) . On the island you can find accommodation in yurts , and a comfortable, well-appointed room offers of tourist centers.

sandy Bay
The sandy beaches of Lake Baikal will open its arms to you . Sandy Bay – the most famous place on the lake, where there are the famous ” stilted ” trees, from which the water and the wind constantly wash and blow away the sandy soil .

Baikal is amazing and do not repeat at all times of the year. Sacred lake has a maximum depth – 1637 m average depth of the lake is also very large – 744.4 m length of the coastline of Lake Baikal – 2100 km . During its long history of Lake Baikal were a lot of interesting facts and legends. Changeable weather on Lake Baikal , the average summer temperature is around 20 degrees, but this is compensated by the bright sun that warms guests almost every day.

Holidays in the United Arab Emirates. Things to see and a must!

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Hunting for vivid emotions will be very successful if to prepare for it thoroughly. This is true in many cases. Even when we are talking about a trip to the wonderful country that provides many opportunities for wonderful otdyha.Otdyh in the United Arab Emirates. Things to see and a must!

However, some people experience suggests that they may well be missing out if you focus your attention solely on the hotel and beach holiday . Fans of rest on an “all inclusive” , spending time sipping a cocktail in a lounge chair by the pool , it is best to choose a different direction . High service , plenty of opportunities for fun and easy enough attitude to the ” antics ” of tourists offers Turkey , Egypt or Thailand .

As for the Emirates , it is a very different holiday. Rest, whose main objective is to obtain a bright emotions from getting to know the local attractions , which are by no means small .

In Abu Dhabi should certainly visit the famous Ferrari theme park , where you can ride on the world’s fastest roller coaster , visit one of the 5D rides and just get acquainted with the history of the famous car brand .

Not far from the theme park is also a large water park Yas Water World – the largest in the Middle East. It is a modern water park with lots of steep slopes and interactive attractions.

In Al Ain children and adults may be interested in the zoo, in which collected a large number of animals .

Dubai has a huge interest is the Dubai Mall – the world’s largest shopping and entertainment center, which gives its visitors not only a terrific shopping opportunities . There are many interesting attractions that will surely be interested in both children and adults . This is the world’s largest aquarium, and a children’s country Kidzania , and sculptures , and more.

Next to Dubai Mall are two more “celebrity” – dancing fountains and the largest building in the world Burj Khalifa. By the way, from the lookout latest stunning views of the city .

The main weapon of every kind of traveler in the struggle for a perfect holiday – it’s thorough preparation to it .
For example , tickets for Burj Khalifa is available on its official website. This will save time and money. And before you go to the park Ferarri , you need to learn the schedule of his work. And so on . Fortunately, in order to do this, you only need access to the internet.

Holidays in the UAE – mass effect!

United Arab Emirates combines reasonable prices and high quality service. Tourists swim in the beautiful Gulf , enjoy the amazingly beautiful sunsets , cocktails and a warm equatorial sun . To experience the Arab culture , and for a couple of days to turn into a real ” sheikh “, you should definitely visit the rich and developed city, where full of life , full of Arab customs.

Oasis town

At 150 km from Abu Dhabi is the city of Al Ain, the title of the same name of the desert that surrounds it . Despite this, Al Ain has the most fertile soil in the country. This is achieved thanks to the greening program of the desert, which receives substantial support from the government. Tourists has beautiful parks and unique plants , fountains and ancient fortami.Otdyh in the UAE mass effect!
In the northern part of the city is a park Healy , who has the popular tourist attractions . The town also has a zoo , containing rare exotic animals from all over the world, and the famous aquarium. Because of this holiday in the UAE enjoys appreciation of adults and children .

Lonely mountain

The UAE stands rocky mountain Jebel Hafeet , which creates a misleading illusion , as if she had grown up in these places. If you follow the road that leads to the mountain , you can climb to its top and see the whole surrounding area . During excavations on the hill were found unique exhibits : ancient tools of copper , women’s jewelry , pottery . It is believed that these things used five thousand years ago.
At the foot of the hill is an amazing country resort with natural hot spring , which is known for its healing properties.

pearl divers

Not far from the mouth of the bay is the village of pearls in which they live divers . This village , in fact – the open-air museum , the exhibits which are fishing boats , transport boats and those from which the pearl divers .
Next to this there is another village – a historical and ethnographic . It was built in 1997. Its area is less than 1 hectare. In this village, tourists are invited to visit the home of a Bedouin , built exclusively from the trunks and branches of the date palm . Located close to the village market you can buy amazing fabric , blacksmith and pottery, as well as an unusually tasty baked cakes that are sold hot. Built next to the museum , where there are such unique items as bronze weapons , household items and a variety of decorations.

The most famous ski resorts in Asia

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Despite the fact that Asian countries almost all associated exclusively with the warm, even hot, stay somewhere on the ocean, though the fact she and Asia that would surprise you. And we look at ski resorts in Asia, as a variant of leisure tourists.

Winter resorts are popular here and love tourists. Even despite the fact that they are somewhat inferior notoriety or Carpathian alpine resorts.

Naturally, the greatest number of them in the territory of Kazakhstan. Start, of course, is the resort Altaic Alps, wonderful places of Altai – Mountain Ulbinki. Here travelers expect and unique nature: mixed forests with centuries of fir and pine, larch and aspen, and springs with healing water, and excellent ski slopes, which can be enjoyed within six months of the year.

Skiers absolutely any level and skills will find the suitable route (from the slopes for skiing children, to professional tracks), there are also trails for skiing and snowboarding Steuben. And after skiing vacationers can sit well in Alpine coffee bar, to visit a Russian bathhouse, and stay in comfortable rooms and cottages at the post.

In addition, considering the ski resorts of Asia, as a way to actively relax, you can visit the village in Kazakhstan Chimbulak. It has 8 ski trails, and elevation changes in their bodies about 900 meters. There is also one of the toughest in the world slalom: giant slalom.

Near the Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park is a modern ski resort in Asia “Tabagan” which has excellent road and quality entertainment in the form of competitions, contests, and even workshops for beginners. Also quality holiday in a clean place offers resort “Elekty” located near Kokshetau.

But ski resorts ready to surprise not only Kazakhstan, but also some other Asian countries. For example, China, which has a great winter resort, organized at the European level – Yabuli. It is located east of Harbin, at an altitude of nearly a mile. Yabuli offers tourists a dozen ski runs and 7 lines for cross-country skiing, as well as the ski jumping and freestyle. Here, tourists can ride the world’s longest sled Thrace, whose length is more than 2.5 kilometers, and even to ski in the summer – “dry ski slope.”

If you take the warmer countries, it certainly should visit the ski resort of Uzbekistan – Chimgan having 25 runs coming down, with varying degrees of difficulty, with heights ranging from 2 miles away. Special climatic conditions are ripe for visiting the slopes of any orientation – steep and rough, respectively, for experienced skiers, and perfectly aligned with good snow cover for running beginners and children.

Lovers of mountain slopes may come to the Indian ski resort Dajar Asia-bull at a height of more than 3 kilometers. It has enough quality tracks, down from which you can watch absolutely unforgettable Himalayan scenery. But the best Asian slopes are still in Auli (India), is at the disposal of tourists and is the longest cable car.
So Asia do tend to surprise. Therefore, it is not necessary to find ski resorts go the beaten tracks, go get a new and truly memorable of seen.

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The most famous resorts in Central Asia

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 Central Asia
Geographically to include Central Asia Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and also, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and part of Kazakhstan. As you know, most of the territory is occupied by the desert, but there are corners of the truly amazing, both from the historical and the natural point of view. Let us consider the resorts of Central Asia.

So, for example, in Kyrgyzstan for decades are several thermal spas with its own mineral water. Most of them are located at some distance from Bishkek.

This resort “warm springs”, located in the valley Alamundunskom above sea level to a mile. He offers not only warm mineral baths, and healthful mountain air, lovely climate and beautiful nature.

Resort “Arashan”, located at a height of about 2 km and in the immediate vicinity of the Issyk-Ata deposit unique mineral waters, one can also take baths with mineral water or silty mud.

And, of course, describing the resorts of Central Asia, it is impossible not to tell you about a unique mountain Lake Issyk-Kul. Treatment starts right here with the arrival – a soft, though mountain climate is very similar to the sea, which will undoubtedly be useful in the treatment of diseases, and to prevent them. Many mineral and thermal springs, and in addition – therapeutic mud and clean air and water – it is not even all that has Issyk-Kul.

It is also possible and relax, walk through alpine meadows and enjoy the unique red cliffs canyon Jeti-Oguz, well and also make tracking at very convenient and well equipped routes neighborhood.

An even greater number of thermal and mineral springs are located in Tajikistan. In this connection, the local resorts in Central Asia offer opportunities for the treatment of all diseases completely. The most famous resort – a “Hodge-Obirgam”, located on the slopes of the Hissar range at an altitude of nearly two miles.

Here you can take mineral baths, with water rich in silica and alkali, having a temperature of 45-70 degrees Celsius, and the mud baths or receive treatment in paroenamatorii.

Do not forget about the resort, located in the vicinity of Lake Oksukon known mud, saturated with sodium chloride, salts of iron and silica. A carbon dioxide resorts “Garmachashma” or “Bashor” offer everyone the natural travertine (calcareous, stalaktipodobnye) bath with healing mineral water having different temperatures. Baths of the resort in Central Asia are located at an altitude of nearly two and a half kilometers from the sea level.

Uzbekistan has to offer to its tourists Tashkent spa Spa resort – with two springs, with different composition – for making mineral thermal baths to help with a large number of diseases, and of course, to drink.

So that Central Asia is able to surprise not only the traces of ancient human cultures, architecture and the time of Tamerlane the Great Silk Road, but also a wide variety of resorts, as well as a huge selection of natural wonders, and the best conditions for a good rest.

Health resorts of Europe

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All people, there is peace for my health recommended resorts in Europe. And this is not related to any marketing moves, but only exceptionally that is where the climate is suitable for people of any continent – soft and smooth, without sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

And yet, Europe is only so big and you can find one that fits exactly each camper. So, before your health resorts of Europe.

For those wishing to relax in the mineral waters of a wide selection – from France to Germany, from the Czech Republic to Russia. Excellent spa resorts are located in Ukraine, Slovenia and Switzerland. Those interested should visit the thermal spas Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Tallasoterapiya – France, Slovenia, Italy, and climatotherapy – is Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy. And much, much more to offer the Old World. It only remains to choose the health resorts of Europe.

Certainly should pay attention to radon galleries Gastaynertalya (Austria) – a unique collection of natural spa and wealth created by man. Here tourists can experience the incomparable pleasure of the descent from the ski slopes and take a relaxing spa and thermal baths. Take a walk on the mountain slopes, which in winter dazzle purity, and in the warm period of the enchanting beauty of colors and flavors. Or you can enjoy a wonderful holiday village, of course, with all the conditions inherent in the city comfortably. There is also great fishing and the opportunity to commit riding or cycling in the local area. A public and private thermal pools, radon mines, natural steam baths, waterfalls and grottos with cabinets natural inhalation therapy does not defy description. Also worth a visit Carinthia known land famous for the nearby and warm mountain lakes. As part of the wellness resort in Europe Avsttrii, look and Krimlskie waterfalls.

It is not necessary to bypass the attention and resorts in Germany, which are able to surprise by its very existence, and more than two thousand years. For example, the valley Zalinental, near Bad Kreuznach is the largest natural inhalation worldwide. It is here that the salt mineral waters cascade down to the amazing structure of the bars of black thorn tree in the fall at which water is sprayed, evaporated several times and fills the surrounding air amazingly useful substances. It turns out a kind of salt spray. This is not to mention the thermal pools, mineral water and bath complexes.

For rest and treatment in the warm latitudes of health resorts in Europe is perfect Italian island of Ischia, which has a volcanic origin and has a truly amazing therapeutic properties. Known since ancient times, thermal baths and mud have not lost their popularity and, more importantly, useful properties today. Many medicinal pools located in the most beautiful places on the island, surrounded by ancient trees clad mountain slopes, unique plants and man-made beds. By the way, the local patron saint pregnant, so that the continuation of the race? also in the resort Izcalli, in his mud bath. Additionally like any Mediterranean island vacationer can enjoy the contemplation of architectural monuments, beautiful nature, clean beaches and stay in the atmosphere is great weather.

So that the health of the continent can be found almost everywhere, one has only to go to the health resorts of Europe.

Most youth and resorts worldwide where young relax cheaply

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Young people represent the largest group of tourists. Not in vain in many tourist areas of discounts is for students to travel on public transport, museums, attractions, accommodation in hotels. Youth goes on vacation resorts for the treatment and prevention, visit famous cities and exploring their culture, active sports. But all of them in the first place they want good entertainment, so the priority of most resorts, working with this group of tourists, is the organization of entertainment. So, find out which destinations can carry the title of most youth resorts.

Thus “promoted” and popular youth resort, of course, is Ibiza. On a small island in the Mediterranean Sea has created the most developed tourist infrastructure is not only Spain, but all over Europe. It’s amazing how in such a tiny resort can be a lot of clubs, cafes, restaurants and hotels of high class service. Night life is filled with first-class drive, and daily – beach activities and adventure sports. Often held here disco and festivals for young people in the open air. Here come the famous DJs. In general, you can have fun in full. Prices are high, but for the youth of the popular resort is not a bad thing. Best time for rest – June-July.

Next on the list of resorts in the world of youth followed Antalya, Alanya and Bodrum – in a word popular among Russians Turkey. We would also like to say a few words about Bodrum. Here for more than 20 years of experience beautiful nightclub Halikarnas, famous not only gay discos, and laser show, colorful performances and foam parties. If you want just nice to sit with friends, then it is best to go to the waterfront center. Here, there is just a good place.

Cuba (Havana) – to taste will be lovers of Latin disco. Day is quiet and calm. Men in sombreros peacefully sipping tequila and enjoy world-class local cigars. In the evening, when the opening night restaurants, you can visit the disco or a nice dinner to the sound of romantic serenades. What you do not the youth resort?

Many young people prefer winter holidays at ski resorts. The most popular of these is St Anton in Austria is not only well equipped trails for different levels of training, but the mass of health care institutions, the most popular among young people. This bath and sauna, SPA-treatments, cosmetology, massage and other winter resorts from the most affordable prices has Avoriaz in France. Therefore, for the “young” is the best budget option.

To get acquainted with the culture of European countries and with great fun, you can go to Zurich or Vienna. There are many historical and architectural monuments, museums, factories, beautiful squares and outdoor cafes with live music.

In general, for an inquisitive and active young man, stay on vacation always brings a lot of experience and pleasure, so do not look for the best resort in the world youth by the presence on the territory of the resort exclusively young generation. Someone who are young at heart, shake the body and let go for a vacation wherever tells his warm heart.

Ski Resorts in Europe

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You are looking for ski resorts in Europe that will delight during the holiday service and comfort? We found them for you and ready to tell all in the first place the interest of tourists on the future site of a siesta.

Meribel-Mottaret, France
The main advantages of this resort – is its location. It is located right in the heart of the Three Valleys region. This will give you a wide choice of destinations and ski slopes, depending on weather conditions, the level of training and their own good mood.

If you are a beginner, the gentle slopes of Courchevel for you. If you ekstrimal, you can try your hand at Val Thorens. If you need the most interesting scenery, then you simply need to go to the slopes of La Tania and Le Menvira.

Meribel village located at an altitude of 1450 meters. Modern settlement Mottaret located at 250 meters above and 5 kilometers further. This is the most popular ski resorts in Europe in France.

Verbier, Switzerland
Verbier – this ski resort in Europe with a worldwide reputation. From there, enjoy a beautiful view of the valley and alpine peaks. This place can accommodate up to 45,000 people at a time.

It offers not only ski slopes of all levels, but also swimming pools, saunas, an ice rink, a solarium. The nightlife here is also in full swing. In this case, bars and restaurants are much cheaper than in some other places.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
This resort is considered the most prestigious place in the Italian Alps. It offers 140 kilometers of slopes and almost 60 kilometers of cross-country tracks Trues.

Additionally there is also enough skiers snowboarders. Fans of extreme sports will also not left out service. They are planned to canoe, bobsledding, snow rafting.

The Olympic Palace potkatsya can skate, go to the pool and play hockey. Additionally provided sleigh riding, horse riding and outdoor skating rink. Immediately clear why the ski resorts of Europe in Italy are in demand by tourists.

Levi, Finland
This ski resort is located in Western Lapland, 14 km from Kittila. The resort is very popular with the Finns themselves, however, in recent years it is increasingly becoming the center of business travel. However, visiting the ski resorts of Europe for business, not hurt besides solving business issues, pay attention to the amendment of its own being and cheerfulness by riding on the best routes of the Old World.

In the vicinity of the resort built more than 230 km of excellent trails. Such distances allow tourists to get around most of the Lapland and enjoy all its beauty.

Staying here, be sure to sample the traditional Lapland cuisine. Eat smoked salmon in this tent, try the gravy and sauces from the berries and delicious venison.

St Anton, Austria
If you are interested in challenging tracks, then this wonderful ski resort for you. The main route starts at the top of the mountain Valluga, which are three lines of lifts.

St. Anton – is an expensive resort in Austria, but in the surrounding area you can find enough hotels at different price levels. The drawback of this resort – is the lack of the indoor pool. But rinks, tennis courts and curling is enough.

If you’re a snowboarder, then you have a special fan park. It is located in the Rendl. Besides him the same parks are located in the village of Pettneu.

After skiing you can relax. Bars, restaurants and discos here a lot. However, in high-end restaurants to book a table in advance. Remember, this ski resort in Austria, Europe is popular with those who want to enjoy all the benefits of traveling in a hospitable region.

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Winter resorts in Europe

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As we know more and more people in recent years prefer to spend your winter vacation away from home for that in Europe, there is an incredibly large number of places where this can be done qualitatively, with a full range of services. And even in the cold period of the most popular ski resorts, but it is not the only thing that can offer Old World visitors. But to begin with it is worth skiing. So, before you winter resorts in Europe.

Europe is different in that the mountains are present in almost every country, even in the south, and on the mountains you can go skiing, even in Spain. But still the best resorts, they are also popular, and is recognized by a number of years statistics are located in Austria and Switzerland as well as in northern European countries – Sweden, Finland and Norway (despite the lack of mountains as such). Choose any one of them is solely to your liking.

Great track now offers Finland, existing here hills created great skiing, and both downhill too. But this, as yet unexplored wide range of tourists, the country is ready to offer vacationers not only skiing, you can go snowboarding, take snowmobile, reindeer or dog sledding. Besides wanting to really know what the winter resorts of Europe, offers excellent fishing, including ice. Also, there is little common, ice diving, producing a truly lasting impression on absolutely everyone as diving and watch.

For expensive holiday on the slopes, of course, is to go to Courchevel or Davos, but for not less than, but more affordable? the ski resorts of Ukraine – Dragobrat, Truskavets Synevir and more.

But do not forget the fact that the thermal resorts of Europe also offer their services as as winter resorts in Europe, and throughout the year. And what could be more useful and amazing hot baths at zero or negative temperatures. And it can get extreme pleasure and Spain (seemingly warm country), and in Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

Naturally, it’s worth it to visit thermal resorts of Trentino and South Tyrol, where you can not only skiing, but also to take after sports excellent natural thermal baths or saunas. Radon baths, saunas and hot natural treatment rooms help you get the most complete rest on the Alpine slopes.

Italy also offers excellent resort of Abano Terme and Montegrotto Terme, which are not only thermal, but mud and balneo. And it is here in the mountains rising above may be taken year-round utility vessels and aircraft procedures, and at the foot of the mountains? surprisingly useful mud bath.

Switzerland no less surprise every visitor – if one visit the ski-resort area of ​​thermal? Leukerbad, as one of the best winter resorts in Europe in this country. This is where the greatest number of natural thermal baths on the continent, and that the presence of slopes of up to three kilometers. Also worth a visit to the natural grotto steam room, whirlpool bath effect. Well, a great view of the Rhone Valley and the Valais Alps from Mount Torrent complement positive impressions from the rest of aesthetic pleasure.

So the old world will still be willing to surprise everyone comfortable and relax with the use, not only in winter resorts in Europe, but also in any other, no matter what time of the year.

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